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Main Application

Flexible signal and data trasmission cables for use on cranes and material handling equipment,suitable for use on festoon systems, simple reeling Fibre-optics for absolute immunity from electrical interferences.

Technical Features

  • Fibre Optics: Fibre optics: Core diameter: 50 µm, 62,5 µm, 9µm. Cladding 125 µm, coating 250 µm
  • Tubes: Basic material PBTF, Hollow core with filling compond
  • Cores Identification: Color code for tubes (pilot directional system) Different fibre colour in case of 2 o 3 fibres per tube
  • Antitwisting protection: Double layer of synthetic yarns af aramidic fibres
  • Outer Sheath: Black polychloroprene rubber compound UV resistant oil and chemical resistant better then 5GM2
Festoonflex-LX cables, (optical fibres) used for festoon application


Table is designed in order to give an easy reference in cable selection for the main mobile equipment application


Recommended minimum bending radii
for different cable uses


Installation guidelines for any type of use


Drum internal and external dimensions, weight, bulk space and volume

Featured products

Braiding device are used for the suspension, the traction and the safe anchoring of the cables. They are extremely suitable for anchoring the cable that must be made being careful not to leave the cable stretched (you have to create a loop), in order not to stress the cable in a vertical application (Panzerlite, Panzerflex-L VS)

Flexible power and cables for use on festoon system and for connecting movable parts of machine tools and any material handling equipment with fast movement strong acceleration and frequent bending during operation.

Festoonflex-LX cables, used for festoon application

Power and control cable for trolley systems, transfer lines, machinetools, on hoisting devices, lift, crane and container bridges. Also in applications where cables are bended strongly in permanent moving operation in one level. Suitable for dry, humid and wet rooms and for outdoor use.

Control and Power Reeling Cables, has a polyurethane sheath with high mechanical stress and severe environmental conditions such as torsion, tension, torque and abrasion.

UTVFLEX-PUR Control and Power Reeling Cables, has a polyurethane